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Sunday School Ministry

Ministry Head
Timothy Tate
Mountain Lake
Beach Huts
Ferris Wheel
Palm Trees
City Cycle

     Sunday school has often been our first introduction to God and the church. At Rehoboth we have many who assist our young people on this wonderful journey.


     We endeavor to make this a memorable and joyful experience. Our curriculum is designed to be fun and easy to retain. We employ the latest training aides including the internet.  Many of our volunteers are involved in the local school systems as educators. We also sponsor trips and activities designed to promote interaction and social skills. Meals and transportation are provided as well at no cost to the parents.


    We work along with the Youth department to sponsor events such as, musicals, plays, contest, trips, movie night, regional trips to name a few.  The results have been very positive. Sunday continues to be a tool for parents to ensure that as the children grow they learn Godly values that have help us all become better people. 


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