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Our Ministries

Come and join one of our various ministries, from our youth ministry to our women's or men's ministry we have something for everyone to be apart of. Our ministries focus on the education and enlightenment of people in Christ by focusing on the group dynamic and shared experiences.

Join us Sunday mornings to to learn about the Lord and become more enlightened in his teachings and words. Achieve enlightenment through fun, light  hearted small group discussions. 

Youth Ministry

Rehoboth's programs for kids and students provide a fun, age-targeted environment where infants through high schoolers can learn about God and grow in their faith. 

Women's Ministry

Begin a journey of transformation in Christ with other women by building friendships and engaging in community together through classes, workshops, and shared experiences.

Men's Ministry

Equipping men to discover who they are, to focus on God’s role in their lives, and to build community with one another.

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